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Since it is certain than just one day is not enough to taste the experience of the "Shooting Ground of Pyrgetos"s hospitality... Because thera are so many things to discover and a lot more to experience here, in the centre of Greece... A characteristic list of accomodation in the area with their websides details is definitely necessary It is true that in the Municipalities of Tempi and Dion- Olympos you will not find the impersonal hotel complexes of 2000 people. You will definitely find smaller hotel units and rooms to let that promote the qualitative supply of touristic services and the respect for the heritage of hosppitality.


Platamon, Pieria
Royal Palace
Olympus Thea
Cronwell Platamon Resort

Neoi Poroi
Hotel Olympic Beach
Hotel Agyra

Kastri Loutro
Kastri Hotel

Villa Yianna
Nostos Apartments
Olympus Sea House

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Mesagala - Kastri Loutro



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